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 Dream Defense 101 - by Dustin B. Pryzbylski
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Hello everyone and welcome to my first article for Psinergy. I decided to write this article based on the information that many dream-walkers have become more active in recent years. Thus, allow me to define dreams and dream-walkers, before I proceed to discussing dream defense. In the process, I will explain how any individual with practice and patience can protect him or herself while dreaming.

First, let it be said that everyone dreams, though some individuals are not able to remember the dreams. Dreams, as a state of sleep, are wondrous and mysterious events where individuals can fulfill his or her wildest fantasies or suffer horrifying visions. Near the beginning of the human race, our ancestors have attempted to understand and document how dreams function and the purpose dreams serve. Philosophers and psychologists still argue that dreams are a retelling of past events constructed metaphorically or a way for a person to consolidate memories, yet neither group understands the energetic essence of dreams. Since I study shamanism, I will provide my knowledge from a shamanistic standpoint, but I feel what I provide can help any energy worker who is willing to learn, regardless of the spiritual standpoint.

When a person sleeps, he or she is energetically linked to another plane, which I will refer as the "dream-event." A dream-walker, as the name implies, is an individual with the gift to move energetically throughout the "dream-event," communicating or interfering with dreams others experience. An important distinction, dream-walkers are neither good nor bad individuals per se. Each walker visits individuals during the "dream-event" having his or her own personal intentions that people should not fear. During the dream event, individuals are vulnerable to psychic or energetic attacks, in which dream-walkers can manipulate the individualís "dream" energy. Most often, lucid or realistic dreams happen as the individual seems powerless to control his or her dream. However, energetic beings exist to provide protection for most people while they are asleep. Sometimes these beings are referred as "dream guardians," who serve to protect most individuals. "Dream guardians" also serve to regulate the energies of the "dream-event," yet some dream-walkers enjoy bringing chaos to the energetic balance.

For instance, have you or someone you know woken up completely drained, more so then before sleeping. Chances are, you or your friend may have had an encounter with a dream-walker. Certain dream-walkers drain energy from individuals during the "dream-event" because dream-walkers use said energy to perform rituals or sustain their life (sustaining life off "dream" energy generally occurs for dream-walkers of ill repute). However, the opposite could be true, you or your friend may wake up feeling refreshed even without recommended 6-8 hours of sleep. Some dream-walkers help to heal the sick while they are sleeping. Therefore, each individual needs to be autonomous about the dreams he or she experiences.

As I mentioned before, everyone sleeps, as such everyone can protect themselves during the "dream-event." The first step for dream defense is noticing something wrong while you sleep. If you wake up feeling "drained," or more "tired" than before, make a mental note of it. Second, please see a medical professional about this issue since it could be serious. Many people may suffer from insomnia or sleep apnea which has devastating effects on a personís life. Once you are medically sound and psychologically stable, this is the time to consider a "dream-event" violation. Take a note pad or some recording device and write down anything you can recall while you slept. For individuals who are unable to remember his or her dreams have someone close to you watch you while you are sleeping and wake you for recording purposes. Look for recurring themes and/or individuals during the "dream-event," because these are signs that something important is happening. Sometimes, you may be visited by a dream-walker or a dream guardian who are trying to tell you important information about yourself. Please do not ignore the signs.

Once you notice that there is something happening in your dreams, you need to learn to control them. I admit lucid dreaming is easier for individuals with the dream-walking gift, though I would like to re-assure you that everyone can control his or her dreams to one degree or another. You need to start slowly, try to alter something in your dream (e.g. moving something in the dream or opening a door). It is really important that you practice this every night while you sleep. In fact, one of the easiest ways to enter the "dream-event" and protect yourself is when you first attempt to sleep. Close your eyes and imagine something you would enjoy doing as you are trying to fall asleep. For example, I imagine that I am lying on the rocks at my favorite river listening to the water crashing on the shore. Keep working on changing situations in the dream to your advantage. If someone is arguing with you imagine you are somewhere else.

When feel you have a good grasp on the "dream-event" you are also able to notice that some dreams are terribly lucid. Here is the key to dream defense, keep constant awareness of your surroundings, even small subtle changes provide a clue for protection. For example, say you are driving a car and notice that you lost complete control of the car as it jettisons off the bridge. Your first reaction and thought is that you are going to die. Now quickly, think about everything during that fall, the environment, the car, even the clothes you are wearing. Finally, you notice that the car you were driving is not the same color as you own or you have clothes on that you would never buy. These key differences can alert you to the fact that you are in the "dream-event." Now that you are aware of the "dream-event" you can understand that you are not dying in the physical world.

Most often, ill-reputed dream-walker will exploit individuals by causing nightmares which accelerate energy drain. You can protect yourself during the "dream-event" by acknowledging the situations happening are dreams and not physical "realities." Even the greatest dream-walker who manipulate your dreams cannot account for everything you have ever experienced. Eventually, the walker will make a mistake and you have your first key to stopping further manipulation. Always be aware of your environment (the holistic environment, including your own thoughts) during the "dream-event." the way to protect yourself from "dream-event" violation is gaining control over your dreams and being aware of oddities during a "nightmare."

If acknowledging that the dream is just a dream is not working, then you may need to contact individuals experienced in energy work, especially other dream-walkers, to help. Many individual on this site are willing to help, please feel comfortable in seeking their help. One last thing, dream-walkers can affect "day-dreams" also. Therefore, keep a watchful eye when your mind wanders during the day. In addition, creativity and imagination are helpful in controlling the "dream-event." Therefore, explore your "day-dreams" and change the situations you imagine because they will help bolster your ability to influence the dreams you have during the "dream-event." I hope that this article is useful for anyone who needs help in protecting his or her dreams. If nothing else, I hope this article will allow you a better chance of having a pleasant nightís sleep. Take careÖ



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