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 Introduction to Healing Stones - Intro - by Sabrina Mandt
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Once again this may not be your thing.  I have been through Healing Touch level 1.  I enjoyed it, but I definitely didn't enjoy some of the "processes" one had to go through each time so repeatedly, i.e. clearing and soothing.  So I picked up my crystals which I had always used to "center" with and began using them for several functions. 

In the future I will have more detailed pictures of my stones including the healing group which are still packed.  But for now, please see below a few explanations.

Rose Quartz

This is my pride and joy.  Although she cost me a bit of money, she has more than paid off in return.  This rose quartz is amazing.  I can align all chakras in the center of any given emotional person in 4 minutes.  This allows me more time to focus on the heart center which is then opened and held open by 2 smaller rose quartz pyramids.  I typically have clients breathe with the quartz on their heart and relax while pushing energy through the stone directly into the chakra.  Rose quartz is great for love issues and asthma troubles.  It's not expensive in small pieces and very abundant.  I highly recommend it for anyone who has "feelings" :).


Here is another Rose Quartz on the left.  Now the center purple point piece is of course an amethyst.  Third eye soothing is the whole purpose of this particular stone.  I use it to simply smooth that chakra only.  The small clear crystal in front is a combination of selenite and quartz.  Of course this potent dime dize piece of stone literally opens a clients third eye and raises its frequency enough to alter consciousness state.  This helps in relaxing the client further and to observe the actual chakra levels throughout the body.  This small stone also helps clear the crown center and reconnect the third eye and crown.

Collage 2

Ok now you can see the rose quartz chunk in the back and in front of it a pink piece.  Another pride and joy of mine, this is my rough cut rhodocrosite.  This stone is used for feminine healing in the sacral/sexual/creative area.  I have worked for 3 years with this stone and it works very well for the ego also.  I typically place the stone underneath the table in the chakra area I want it to work.  If I am working with an abuse victim client, the stone shields that chakra a bit and soothes it separately until its sensitivity is at such a level that the chakra can handle a slight connection with the other chakras in the body.  Many times victims disconnect their chakras or turn the chakras inside out.  This stone is well trained in the art of clearing and strength empowerment.




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