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 Altar Table Setup - by Sabrina Mandt
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An altar table is not for everyone.  I use an altar table to keep certain "intents" set up for an extended period of time.  Another reason for an altar table would be to pay homage to a particular portion of your spirituality.  Below you will see a few different altar formations and set ups that can be used. 

To set up an altar:

  1. Decide WHERE the altar will be.  Will it be out in the open or tucked away in your private room?

  2. Decide how big it will be.  Is the altar for a few stones or a whole lot of elements?

  3. Decide what intent the altar will have.  Is this your personal altar or a good luck altar?

  4. Review your choices, make sure they are consistent.  Funny thing how sometimes we get so caught up we forget to be practical :)

Altar Set-ups

Element/shielding/Personal Altar

This altar belongs to my ex Chris Spencer.  There is a smoky quartz in the middle that controls most of the surrounding set up.  He has 4 space holders i.e. tea lights on the outside to safe guard all the energy within.  There is a dagger there for cutting space and a personal (red candle) empowerment tool infusing akasha.  A small labradorite pyramid stands in the back left to shield the altar table only.  This is a small easy design.

Leveled Altar Space

This is a personal altar also, but uses several different levels of energy for the placement of all its stones and elements.  This was my personal altar.  The top shelf holds all elements, representational candles and chakra tea lights.  This way the elements and chakras were always lit upon ritual or meditation time.  (I am all about short cuts when it comes to invoking)  The second layer is amethyst/third eye dedication layer.  Because I am a telepath I focus  a lot of energy from that chakra so I dedicated a shelf to it.  The third is another personal space and the bottom is where my hematitie and petrified wood sleep.  The far bottom is storage.  This is fairly complicated, but fun!

Mountain Down Altar

This altar, although hard to see has 5 levels.  This altar was created with the genius help of Jason Villwock.  Because we had little space and a lot of stuff, we had to utilize 5 small tables with one center table and 2 extensions.  The elements each took a table and the various healing, centering, ritual, and clearing stones took positions in accordance to element as well as intent.  This altar worked fair for my purposes but on a temporary basis.  I would recommend using this altar for work with the fae or the veil. 

Small Altars

Here we see a shelf altar hanging on the wall.  There were only tarot cards on it.  4 different types of cards in specific places.  The reason for this was simple.  Instead of having to clear and change the cards after each reading, the altar was intented to do so upon lifting and replacing each deck.  The 2 small blue tables on the bottom were good luck and good feeling on the left with an aromatherapy candle, and the left a re-charge center.  This way any stones needing to be recharged or cleared could be cleansed by all elements and making a direct node connect rather than going through a clearing ritual and sacrificing earth energy by burying them in the ground.  Small altars can go anywhere.




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