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 Hand Chakras
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Chakra Map
Crown (High/Low)
3rd Eye
Heart (High/Low)Soul Center *
Ego/Solar Plexus
Root (High/Low)
* Under Construction 

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Online Manuals 

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Higher Crown ChakraLower Crown Chakra3rd Eye ChakraThroat ChakraHigher Heart ChakraLower Heart ChakraSoul Center (no information uploaded yet)Ego Center / Solar Plexus ChakraSacral ChakraHigher Root ChakraLower Root ChakraAlso known as:
none known

Body/Mind Associations: Physical Plain & Manipulation

Location: Between the wrist and the palm of your hands

Color :  Varied

Use(s)/Gifts associated with: Circulating energy with self, others or things, Clairsentience (in conjunction with the Crown & Heart), Healing Touch (in conjunction with the Heart)

Endocrine gland: n/a

Sense:  Connection to the physical plane of existence

Consciousness:  n/a

Element: n/a




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